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Black Money Talks 

Welcome and Introduction

to the Inaugural Viola Desmond Lecture

The Importance of Viola Desmond In the Struggle for

Civil Rights In Canada

The Significance & Uniqueness of the New Canadian $10 Bill In Historic & Contemporary Perspectives


We are preparing to share information and links

useful in you research and interests about the many subjects

connected to Black Money.

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90.1 FM WABE

History Through A New Medium: The Bank Note | 90.1 FM WABE

Atlanta's Harcourt Fuller is a Fulbright Global Scholar and history professor at Georgia State University.

He's also a numismatist who founded the Black Money Exhibit.

It's a cache of currency from more than 80 countries in Africa, Europe and the Americas that

documents at least 10,000 years of Black history. 

Sep 3rd, 2020


Georgia State News Hub

On the Money - Currency, History and Representation

With the Black Money Exhibit, associate professor Harcourt Fuller explores Black history through the lens of legal tender.

Black Money Matters: Coins and Banknotes as Sources for African, Caribbean

and British Imperial Histories | US-UK Fulbright Commission (231 kB

Black Money Exhibit Featuring Black Women on Money,” Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)

12th Annual Black History Month Atlanta Area Black Employee Network

“Harambe Speaker Series – Black Doctor Talks,”, March 24, 2021

Black History Studies

'Black Money, Music, Message: An Exploration of World Currencies

Depicting African and African Diasporic History and Cultures' with Professor Harcourt Fuller - Black History Studies

The Black Money discussion will explore the ancient and modern history of Africa and the African Diaspora, through an examination of the images on paper money issued in Africa, Europe, the European empires, North America, Latin America, and the Caribbean.



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